Texting and calling while driving on the road has been a serious issue in this modern day and age, with some cases leading to fatal accidents. Samsung intends to curb the raising issue with an app that produces auto replies to texts and calls when you’re on the go. In-Traffic Reply by Samsung is made to reduce smartphone distractions while users are on the road.

The cool part about how In-Traffic-Reply works is that it will use your phone’s GPS connection to determine whether you’re driving. The auto reply mechanism will then kick in if it realizes that users are driving. At that point, all incoming calls and texts will be responded automatically with a text that says, “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment.” Users can also customize the auto reply to an animated image or a custom message.

In-Traffic-Reply sounds like the perfect solution to deal with distracted driving, but it is uncertain as to how will the app work if you’re a passenger instead. Regardless, there’s probably a way to manually deactivate the app at will. The app is currently being tested in the Netherlands and is slated to roll out to the Play Store next month.

Source: The Verge

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