Instagram has announced a new milestone for its app, with its user base increased to a whopping 700 million as of yesterday. The Facebook owned app company made the announcement on its blog thanking its committed community of users that have been using the now feature filled photo sharing app.

Not only that, a total of 100 million users have been added into Instagram’s community over the last four months since December last year, allowing the user base to leap from 600 million to 700 million users faster than ever. Instagram popularly copied nearly all of Snapchat exclusive features beginning last year, the most notable one being Instagram Stories. As much as Instagram is pretty much a Snapchat rip off today, you can’t deny that the former will thrive much better than the latter app in the future. By comparison, Snapchat recorded a measly 161 million users as of Q4 2016, which pales a lot in comparison of Instagram’s newly added 100 million users.

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Facebook on the other hand is nearing the record breaking 2 billion mark at 1.8 billion users recently. It won’t be long till Facebook begins world domination in social media, or has it begun? Are you still a user of good ol’ Snapchat?

Source: Instagram


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