A while after the Messenger app was introduced, Facebook made it mandatory for its users to install the app on their devices if they intend to chat with their Facebook friends. At that time, many users complained of having to install a separate app just for messaging on Facebook. Fast forward till today, with the existence of Messenger Lite, there are probably little to no complains regarding the polished version of Messenger since it was first launched. In addition to Messenger’s extensions, Facebook and Spotify have teamed up to allow the latter app to be integrated to Messenger.

Spotify integration means that users can now listen to Spotify music without leaving the Messenger app. Tapping on the Spotify extension will bring up a mini Spotify overlay window, allowing you to search for your music on Spotify before heading back to Messenger. On top of that, you will also be able to share songs from Spotify to your friends on Messenger without having to leave the app. Upon sharing a song, your friend on Messenger will receive a 30 second preview of that particular song. The recipient has to have the Spotify app in order to listen to the song in full.

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This new extension in the Messenger app brings a more seamless integration with Spotify, and will definitely benefit app users and music lovers alike. What do you think of Spotify integration in Messenger?

Source: Spotify