Looks like HTC is preparing to unveil something big on 16 of May as a image was posted on the company’s twitter account with the title “Squeeze for the brilliant U” and a list of times for 3 locations around the world. In the video, it shows a hand squeezing the edge of a phone, giving us the impression that the new phone will be intractable by squeezing it.

Based on the rumor on a HTC phone called “Ocean”, reports have mention that it will have a 5.5-inch display, 4GB to 6GB of RAM and 64GB to 128GB of storage depending on the model. Of course it wont have a headphone jack, but the more important part is that the phone will come with the new Sense UI called “Sense Touch” which shows that you can interact with the phone by squeezing and swiping the edge of the phone.

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Lets just hope that HTC has learn from the mistakes they have made with the HTC U Ultra and made a phone that has brought them back to the smartphone game. As usual everything mention is still a rumor, so you will have to wait till May 16 as HTC will livestream the event from Taiwan on their website.

Source: Engadget