Yesterday, Xiaomi launched what might be a threat to current flagship smartphones out there – the Mi 6. When being put against the competition, Xiaomi’s latest flagship is worth every dollar spent, considering its specs to price ratio. The handset was designed beautifully inside out, not to mention spec-ed out internally as well. But there are a few details which were left out by Xiaomi during its Mi 6 launch event, so let’s take a breather to find out what are they.

Display resolution

The 5.15-inch display of the Mi 6 boasts brightness of 600 nits, along with an ultra dark mode of 1 nit for viewing in the dark or under low lighting conditions. Harmful blue rays have also been reduced in the display, while maintaining the display’s true to life colors. However, there was no word on the resolution of the display at the launch event, Xiaomi’s social media accounts or the MIUI forums. According to tech news outlet Engadget, it is safe to say that the Mi 6’s display is of Full HD 1080p resolution, which is undoubtedly sub par according to flagship standards. However, it is possible that Xiaomi retained the 1080p display to keep costs low for the Mi 6. Let us know if you find any info regarding the display resolution of the Mi 6.

No headphone jack!

If you’ve watched Xiaomi’s Mi 6 launch event yesterday, you were probably distracted by its beautiful design elements such as the four-sided 3D curved glass, the glossy metal frame enclosing the overall symmetrical design of the Mi 6. You too probably discovered that the Mi 6 sports dual stereo speakers claimed to give a more immersive experience as mentioned at the launch. However, Xiaomi has silently removed a key port that is missing on the Mi 6 – the headphone jack. Gone is the conventional 3.5mm headphone jack, which still exists on flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S8. This means that the Xiaomi Mi 6 is now added to the list of the handful of smartphones without headphone jacks, and you’lll probably find a USB Type-C to headphone jack adapter in the box that comes with the Mi 6. Love it or hate it, we will probably be seeing more devices forgoing the headphone jack in the future.

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Front facing camera

It’s rather hard to deny the fact that Xiaomi put a lot of emphasis in explaining the wonders of the Mi 6’s dual camera configuration. Call it a rip off, but Xiaomi has put the iPhone 7 Plus camera’s goodness into a really affordable device. You’ll find a dual camera configuration, consisting of a 12MP wide angle lens and a 12MP telephoto lens, allowing a 2x optical zoom when taking pictures. The company has also brought back 4-axis OIS, which was omitted in the Mi 5s handset. The dual camera setup is probably the main highlight of the Mi 6, but nothing has been said of the phone’s front facing shooter. Based on the hands on review by Engadget once again, the Mi 5 features an 8MP front facing selfie camera, which isn’t a slouch at all, but is nothing too special as well. Nevertheless, the selfie shooter should be able to utilize Xiaomi’s Beautify 3.0 camera software on the Mi 6.


These three key details that Xiaomi missed out (probably on purpose) during its Mi 6 launch event could be the deciding factor(s) that affect one’s decision to get the Mi 6, especially the first two. Would you be able to bear with a sub-par 1080p display plus the controversial absence of a headphone jack? Apart from those, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still a killer and worthy competitor to 2017’s flagship smartphones so far. Thoughts?