Today Facebook launched bots for the Messenger app. This chat extension will add Messenger bots into your chats that can allow you to extend the capabilities of interaction that already exist within the Messenger app. TechCrunch informed the public last month that Facebook would launch this group bots at F8 keynote. Previously, bots could only be used per user thus, putting Facebook under pressure to make the bot as human as possible.

This new Chat Extensions let you use Messenger bots in group chats so you and your group of friends an keep track of the latest sports events that are going on live. Other than that, you also also collaborate to build a Spotify playlist together, plan a hotel that you and your friends want to stay for the next trip via SnapTravel, or discuss on a flight you and your friends will want to book.

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There is also plants to update the app with many other bots including Apple Music. There is also a Discovery tab where users can search for bots or use the previous bots that were used. With the implementation of Messenger’s M AI, it can process your chat conversations and based on that, recommend bots that you will find useful.

Source: TechCrunch