Huawei sells the P10 in two storage configurations, while we are all glad that the company sells the higher 64GB storage model here, you may actually want to look out for your purchase, as there have been reports by several users in a Chinese forum that their P10 is experiencing slower transfer speeds, which leads to the discovery that Huawei has been using a mixture of eMMC and UFS storage on its flagship, which the latter is faster. In this case, users have produced different benchmark screenshots, some achieving more than 700MB/s in sequential read, while one screenshot produced a staggering low 282MB/s in sequential read.

This isn’t a good news for Huawei, the company hasn’t mentioned the phone’s storage type in its specifications despite of this, though users shouldn’t be experiencing a significantly slower performance on the overall user experience, but it does certainly affect if you do things that require consistent access to your phone’s storage. A similar issue happened to Apple’s iPhone 7 last year, where YouTube channel Unbox Therapy found a difference in data transfer speeds between the base and higher storage models, which the former performed significantly slower when transferring a movie to the iPhone.

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Huawei officials haven’t commented on the issue just yet, but lets hope the devices sold in Malaysia aren’t affected by this fiasco.