Bad news for Apple fans, as a rumor is on the rise as the delay on the iPhone 8 is caused by the virtual home button. One of the most anticipated feature from Apple is the removal of the home button and placing the fingerprint sensor under the phone’s glass exterior. With that Apple could potentially remove the home button adding a larger screen to the next generation of iPhones.

According to the Pacific Crest Securities analyst reports, the virtual home button my be giving Apple component partners trouble. Because of this, the feature may cause a delay or be totally removed so that the new iPhone will launch on time. They go on to add, “While this creates some risk of production delays, at this point we do not believe it materially threatens volume through the coming iPhone cycle”

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Never the less, all rumors should not be taken with a grain of salt, as Apple has features that they keep on the low, and they usually never confirm or deny any rumors that surface. For now, the best that can be done is to wait for Apple to unveil the new iPhone this coming September.