Are you torn between playing Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm and Blizzard’s Overwatch? Well worry not, because today Blizzard has just included the cyborg Genji from Overwatch into Heroes of the Storm. Genji will be the fourth character to be added into the Nexus following Tracer, Lucio and Zarya who have been previously added. In addition to adding Genji, Blizzard has also release a reimagined version of the Hanamura map to the line up of battlegrounds.

Genji falls under the Assassin class of hero with a high mobility. Genji’s wall-scaling ability from overwatch has been redesign as a passive ability, that allows him to leap over walls in Heroes of the Storm. The new Hanamura map that is going to be added, is a two-lane battleground featuring a payload that deal damage to the opponents core. Hanamura will also include a Mega Enforcer boss that will deal damage to the core when it is taken down.

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The Heroes of the Storm update can be downloaded from the client which comes with Genji and the new Hanamura map. In addition to that, Blizzard has also been beta testing a number of overhauls which includes a faster progression system, new cosmetic rewards, and the new hero, Cassia. This new content will be seen in the Storm 2.0 update which will launch on April 25.