The technology of VR is still at at infant stage, and is constantly being developed and refined to better serve the experience that it brings to regular users and gamers alike. But sadly, VR headsets can’t read the users expression to make VR multiplayer more immersive. That’s where MindMaze comes in, by using diodes that can be placed in the foam of VR headsets, biosignals and muscles can be read and the device can interpret the emotion that the user is making.

MindMaze has mention that integrating with current VR devices is very easy, as all has to be done is to embed 8 diodes in the foam cushions. The data retrieved by the diodes are then run through a machine-learning algorithm that can determine the facial expression of the user and replicate it in the avatar in the VR world. MindMaze has pride in their speed that the systems can pick up and display the expression and display it on the avatar.

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As soon as MindMaze can solidify their partnerships, they plan to reach out to developers to release an SDK so they can not only express emotions but also allows players to interact with them as well. MindMaze has no plans to develop their own VR headset as they are currently talking to the big players in VR headset market such as Google, Oculus and HTC. MindMaze is targeting to release this product later this year. 

Source: Engadget