When the HTC U Ultra released, it did not pickup much traction due to the high price point that came with the phone. Well, HTC Malaysia has heard its users and understood that a price revision had to be done, so as of today, HTC Malaysia has reduce the price of the HTC U Ultra from RM2,999 to RM2,599, a decent RM400 drop from the original price. 

The reason of this change, as said by Country Manager of HTC Malaysia, Cheong Wah Tong was that, HTC Malaysia understands that many Malaysians are excited for the phone, but are discouraged by the price. They have adapted their business strategy to adapt and give the dedicated fans a chance to own the premium smart phone at a more attractive price. HTC is also going as far as to offer the HTC Re Camera and limited edition HTC Premiums for eligible customers who purchased the smartphone from 1st March 2017 to 13th April 2017 as a buyer appreciation program to thank early buyers of the phone. 

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They have also extended their promotion to customers that buy the phone from 14th April 2017 to 12th May 2017. To redeem these gifts, customers need to go to HTC Malaysia website and click on the HTC U Ultra Early Buyer Appreciation Program section, provide their details and proof of purchase and select to collect their gifts at a selected service center or have it delivered to their location. Those that have registered will receive their gifts from 12th May 2017 onwards.