News have surfaced from Lowyat Fourms that Digi has supposedly released a Postpaid 100 Infinite plan that gives its users infinite data similar to the other plans, the Infinite 150 and the Infinite 80. The only difference here is that, the Infinite 100 will give users a 20GB free tethering compared to the Infinite 80 which only gives 5GB per month. 

More information about this is currently unknown as Digi’s official site has not indicated anything that would relate to the release of a new Infinite plan, but it would seem that the Infinite 100 plan would replace the currently out of stock Infinite 80 plan as seen on Digi’s official website. Whether the speed of this new plan will be capped or not is also still unknown.

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Right now, we can only wait and see if Digi will give a statement about this or perhaps even update their website about this new Infinite 100 plan. Whether this is just a promotion that Digi has given to this particular user as a compensation or a upgrade specially requested by this user is also unknown at this point. 

Source Image: Lowyat Fourm