One of the sleekest case manufacturers are back with the release of MasterCase Pro 6 from Cooler Master. A discreetly designed mid-tower cousin of the award-winning MasterCase Pro 5 case that also comes with the same FreeForm Modular system that gives users freedom to customize the interior layout and the exterior layout. 

Everything is moving towards the minimalist design, and Cooler Master is not lagging behind in that department as the case has a really flush look. The top, front and back panels looks like they merged seamlessly by flushed panels in dark metallic gray color. The front of the case has a soft LED glow coming from the bottom of the case, and the I/O panel is hidden by a cover that blends into the top panel.

Cooler Master has also mention that there is no need to worry about air flow that come with flushed cases, as the MasterCase Pro 6 has thin vents on the four corners of the case that provide ventilation. The top and front panels can be popped open with a two-tier magnet that creates little vents, lining the space between the panels and the frame. Cooler Master has not forgotten those that dabble in liquid cooling, as the case comes with a water cooling bracket that allows 297mm radiator space on the top or front.

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The FreeForm Modular Systems allows for freedom of customizing the drive bays, to installing water cooling how ever you choose to modify the case, Cooler Master is confident that everything that is required is available from the FreeForm website. The MasterCase Pro 6 comes with Red LED fan and lighting will retail at RM 699 from all authorized Cooler Master sellers.