Are you annoyed at the fact that your Apple Watch does not have a Spotify app, and you would need to take your phone out every time you want to change music or play a song? Well back in February developer Andrew Chang fixed that problem by introducing Spotty, now called Snowy, which was a 3rd party app to help you control Spotify from your Apple Watch. Spotify contacted him presumably because the same is similar, but after seeing the quality of the app, Spotify hired him to create an official app. 

The app that Chang was creating is pretty interesting as it included Siri support, swipe-based playback controls and watch faces. He even had plans to include offline sync capabilities which would allow you to download music from your playlist to your Apple Watch, eliminating the need to connect and iPhone to play music. 

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Sadly there is no release date for Spotify’s own version of the smartwatch app or if Chang will stop his development on his own app. For now we can only wait and see which would come first, but rest assured Apple Watch users will get to interface with Spotify from their wrist in the near future. 

Source: Engadget