If you think U Mobile has no more tricks up its sleeve after announcing several “Onz” services, the telco has just dropped another bomb in the telco industry with the new Hero Postpaid P38 and P48 plans, which offers unlimited call minutes with Call-Onz and unlimited data for music streaming, Waze navigation and social media apps. In terms of data allocation, the Hero Postpaid P38 will come with 4GB of high speed data, while the Hero Postpaid P48 will offer 5GB of high speed data and an additional 5GB for Video-Onz, most importantly the data can be used all day and user’s can tether their data at no extra charge, SMS still remains a chargeable service with 3 sen/SMS on-net and 8 sen/SMS off-net.

The news comes after webe announced its free 1GB data tethering service and Celcom announcing its GBShare quota sharing feature, U Mobile’s aggressive pricing on these new postpaid plans are sure to attract a lot more users porting over, though the telco’s service coverage is still rather questionable, but nonetheless the new Hero Postpaid plans are now the most affordable option if you intend to use lots of data on the go, while needing to talk a lot on the phone. On top of that, U Mobile has other value added features such as Data Backpack, which offers affordable roaming at RM10/day at selected countries, and Game-Onz that allows you to use your data on selected game platforms without affecting your base data.

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For more information, head on over to U Mobile’s website.