Diablo 2 was far by the best dungeon crawler genre that i have ever had the opportunity to play, from the story, setting and atmosphere. Sadly I never got my self to play the Necromancer class that was present in Diablo 2. Looks like I will finally have the chance to play that very class in Diablo 3. The Necromancer class was announced last year in BlizzCon when Blizzard said that the Necromancer class will be reimagined for Diablo 3. Now with some luck from the RNG (Random Number Generator) Gods you can experience the Necromancer class.

As a Necromancer, you will have access to powers such as curses and reanimations, which you can use to shepherd a hoard of reanimated “pets” to aid you in battle. The class will utilize raw materials aside for mana, or in this case Essence, which shows more of a controlled gameplay style using blood and bone. Sadly the Necromancer beta is close, so you would need to opt in for Diablo Beta Testing from your battle.net profile settings page and then pray to the RNG Gods that you will be the chosen one to experience the Necromancer class before it is launched.

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Aside from being able to play the new class, you will also experience the new features that the 2.6.0 patch will bring such as, a new Challenge Rifts, two new zones for Adventure Mode, improvement to Set Dungeons, and 4 new waypoints in Act 4 each with a new bounty to complete.

Source: PC Gamer, Image Source: Diablo Wikia



  • Alee Yuhana

    hi tarvin. any idea of when we can start playing the necro. the maintenance timetable on blizzard seems a bit confusing to me. if what I understand is correct, necro is only playable on the 29!

    • Tarvin Gill

      Hi Alee,
      The necro class is out! Just update your diablo 3 and get playing. See you in game!