Easter is just around the corner and if you’re a Pokemon GO player, Niantic has some egg-citing stuff in store for you this season. The folks behind the popular Pokemon GO game will kickstart a week long event in conjunction with the Easter celebration.

The event has been named Eggstravaganza, which totally makes sense because Easter eggs. You’ll probably be able to roughly guess what’s involved in this Eggstravaganza event – Pokemon eggs. Starting today at 4:00AM Malaysian time, you’ll be able to find a greater variety of Pokemon in 2km eggs. Niantic did not specify as to how many extra Pokemon will be added into 2km eggs so there’s only one way to find out.

Throughout Eggstravaganza, your XP will also be doubled in Pokemon GO, meaning that you’ll be earning double the amount of XP for you to advance from that certain level you’ve been stuck at for ages. If you use the Lucky Egg, it will be quadruple the amount of XP and to top it all off, Lucky Eggs are now available for half its price in the game shop throughout the event!

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As for those who already gave up on Pokemon GO, Niantic has promised new features to arrive to the game after adding the whole bunch of second generation Pokemon to Pokemon GO. Eggstravaganza will probably reignite your interest again so start hunting!

Source: Niantic