Maxis has Datapool, Digi and Webe has infinite data plans, and U Mobile has its Hero Plus plan, but Celcom thinks that they don’t do well in data sharing, which is why it has decided to unleash the GBShare feature to its Celcom First Gold Plus and Platinum customers, which allows them to share their precious yet humungous data to friends and family at only RM48 per line monthly with 2GB of data, what makes this different from its supplementary plans is that it gives the principal user flexibility to share data across with either a group sharing or allocated sharing method, which means you can share the data equally or assign a fixed quota for a particular user, these controls can be done using the MYCELCOM POSTPAID app, which is now available for Android devices and coming soon to iOS devices.

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To sign up for GBShare, Celcom does require the subscriber to sign up a minimum amount of two lines to be eligible for this, First Platinum customers can sign up to a maximum of 5 GBShare lines. GBShare users will also share certain benefits as the principal user, which includes unlimited calls and unlimited usage for WhatsApp and WeChat. From a minimum monthly commitment of RM194, you get to share up to 70GB with your friends and family, which makes it the most affordable data sharing postpaid service at this point of time.

Customers who are interested in GBShare can now visit any Celcom Blue Cube outlets and partners to sign up for it. For more information, head on over to



  • Holista Yen

    Fantastic plan that can share with family… awesome finally i can get my parent pay my bill… hahahahaha

    • ZaiZaiRyu

      So bad… you should pay for your parent instead… furthermore, the plan is cheap when you share with your family… just pull the data enough, normally parent wont use a lot of data…

  • Kassie Lim

    First Platinum looks so expensive, I think should just get First Gold Plus enuf dy…

    • YoungMan

      to me i think it will be great if have first blue plan… im not heavy user…
      quite down for me…

      • Kathy

        @disqus_VV7lck5G9b:disqus I see, in this case, y don’t u try to get first gold and share that with ur siblings? Coz u will be able to save more in this case

        • Holista Yen

          Sound great… different not much right? then i rather take more data to share around… if first blue worry data not enough and you might use more money to add on the data… this plan get to share around is better than you hold main line and burn the data…

  • Kassie Lim

    So sad that my parents are not using celcom right now, have to persuade them to change their lines to celcom so that we can benefit from this plan~

    • YeoYeo

      same as me… we worse… they have contract with other telco…
      no hope for this plan… i tot can share all their data to my phone… =(

      • Kathy

        Aiya in this case, u and ur family might miss the opportunity of this worthy plan… Coz it’s not just saving more, but u and ur family will be entitled for free phones and free calls. This is such a great deal!

  • neven pika

    among other telcos i think tis plan is look attractive n worth it …but thn is that only can share data with families ?? cn i share this with friends ?

    • Holista Yen

      I think possible, as long as you can 3 people to sign up in this raya month you get to enjoy the benefit together… why not go inquiry at blue cube store to get more infomation?