As AMD unveils its Ryzen 5 processors, BIOSTAR has also unveiled two A320 PRO Series motherboards that is based on the AMD A320 chipset, the PRO series motherboards has always been focused on reliability and stability while offering top of the line performance without breaking the bank. The 2nd Generation PRO Series motherboard now packs improved performance, an enhanced power design that ensures durability in the long term, the board’s integrity has also improved with a reinformced CPU backplate that avoids deformation caused by large coolers, the A320 PRO series motherboards also comes with a Nano Carbon Coating Heatsink that improves overall cooling effect compared to traditional aluminium-extruded heatsink.

In other features, the A320 PRO Series motherboards have two DDR4 RAM slots that supports up to 32GB of RAM running at 2667MHz for Ryzen CPUs, you also get to have display outputs on the motherboard for current AMD APUs. As for the PCI-Ex16 slot, it is good to note that it will only run at 8X when it is paired with a AMD APU and NPU, and there’s two PCI-Ex1 slots and four SATA3 connectors. Both the A320MH PRO and A320MD PRO comes in a Micro ATX form factor, with only differences in display output ports, they are priced affordably at US$59 (MYR260), which makes it a rather affordable option if you don’t intend to do features like overclocking and merely want a high performance computing solution.

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For more details, head over to Biostar’s page.