As we have reviewed webe’s network back then, the only thing that breaks its unlimited postpaid plan is that you will have to fork out RM6 for tethering your data connection to other devices, and it is only limited to 2 hours of use. Today, the telco has finally announced that all new and existing subscribers will be getting free 1GB of tethering data for the next three months, and subscribers can rollover their unused data after 60 days, which is definitely good news for those who wants to tether their data to other devices they may have, though limited but it makes a lot of sense than purchasing a tethering plan if you don’t frequently use it.

Webe finally offers 1GB of free tethering data 1

What will happen after three months later? Webe hasn’t specifically mentioned anything in its blog post, however we can easily assume that the tethering offer could either maintain or see an increase in data quota. If you have used up your allocated data, webe has a new top up option where you can purchase 500MB of tethering data at RM8 (excluding GST), if you still prefer to pay for the 2-hour unlimited quota tethering pass, it is still available at RM6 (excluding GST).

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Let’s hope webe continues to extend or enhance this tethering offer, and we can definitely see it coming judging on the company’s fashion of marketing its postpaid plan, which they have always teased about it as a limited time offer, and we certainly believe that this offer won’t be one. For more information, head on over to

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