Lenovo is on the move again to release Moto smartphones, after announcing the Moto M, we are now seeing a new series from the company, which is known as the Moto C and C Plus, these are entry-level Android Nougat powered handsets which you can expect Mediatek processors to be in it, both devices are reportedly to come with 5-inch displays, where the Moto C will get a 854×480 resolution and the Plus gets a bump to 720p resolution, the Moto C Plus will have LTE connectivity, while the Moto C is reported to come with both a LTE and 3G only model, which we can probably expect a $70-$80 price tag for the latter. Lastly, battery size of both the Moto C and C Plus is reported to be 2,350mAh and 4,000mAh respectively.

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As we have reported back then, Lenovo is assumed to use the Moto brand to replace its smartphone offering, the Moto C and C Plus resemble the company’s devices that uses such kind of specs for it and this could be the beginning of it. While there has been no successor for the entry-level Moto E, we can also assume that the C and C Plus could replace that series as the company’s entry-level offering, there has been no pricing and release date reported, but these phones will eventually reach most parts of Asia and India when it makes it debut, and we are going to expect them to be priced below RM600.

SOURCE: The Verge