A survey conducted by popular US investment firm Piper Jaffray shows that teens want the iPhone more than ever before in the history of Apple’s widely used handset. A report by Investor’s Business Daily stated that the survey showed a whopping 81 percent of teens expect their next phone to be an iPhone. This record figure marks 2 percent more than the percentage during Fall 2016.

The figure is said to be the highest ever seen in a survey, which reflects on a potential positive outcome for Cupertino giant Apple in terms of its sales. On top of that, 76 percent of the surveyed teens are currently owning an iPhone. The popularity of Apple products have been unprecendented since their respective launches, and this could be the result of pop culture playing a contributing factor. From celebrities to countless ads and product placements in movies, Apple products (especially the iPhone) have hardly ever been out of the big picture.

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The scenario for wearables is a whole different story however, with only 10 percent of teens favoring the Apple Watch. The champ in this department is Fitbit, getting 71 percent of the most wanted vote. This could be due to the fact that Fitbit wearables are relatively more affordable than Apple’s line of smartwatches, and affordability is definitely a key factor for the teen age group.

How about you? Is the Apple iPhone your favorite device? What do you think will be your next phone?

Source: Investor’s Business Daily

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