Visiting a friend is no longer fun when you have to queue up to register your details at guard houses, and most residentials these days lack proper security as registering visitor information is done using a log book, which is why i-Neighbour, a multi-functional residential and visitor management system developed by Malaysian startup TimeTec Cloud, is here to solve such problems faced by Malaysian residentials, it is a cloud service that can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers, and the company intends this to be a much cost effective solution than intercom systems.

i-Neighbour aims to change visitor management in Malaysian residentials 1

The service is hosted using Amazon Web Services which users can be assured of reliability, housing developers can take advantage of this service and integrate it with IoT products such as smart locks, security systems, boom gates and etc., while residents can use the app to register their visitor’s information, which allows the security guard to easily retrieve visitor information by just scanning a QR code on the visitor’s smartphone, which is a lot faster than having them to write down details in a log book. In addition, i-Neighbour also allows the user to blacklist visitors on the app, and set a regular QR code pass for frequent visitors in your premises, there’s also a panic button inside the app to alert security if you are in danger.

i-Neighbour aims to change visitor management in Malaysian residentials 2

TimeTec Cloud has worked with several housing developers in Malaysia to implement this solution, residents interested in the service will get a three month free trial and thereafter, pay an affordable fee of RM2/month, which is very attractive considering that you don’t need to pay for costly maintenance fees for your residential security system. TimeTec Cloud intends to expand this service to as many gated residentials and condominiums in the near future, with one app to check into various residentials, this is a pretty commendable effort to create a less hassle visiting experience, the company is also offering a 24/7 technical support assistance for the service as well. For more information, head on over to


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