Google has launched yet another A.I. experiment related to drawing. The company previously launched “Quick, Draw!”, in which a neural network tries to guess your doodles on the web. This new experiment is similar to how “Quick, Draw!” works, and it even turns your doodles and sketches into perfect pieces of simple art. 

Google has named its latest A.I. experiment “AutoDraw”. In AutoDraw, the same A.I. technology attempts to recognize your sketches, providing a list of suggestions thereafter. What’s different is the suggestions are in the form of preset vector like drawings instead. The preset doodles/drawings are courtesy of a group of artists behind this project. Users will be able to select from various suggested drawings after doodling his or her own, a handy feature if you intend to sketch out something cute for let’s say a birthday card. Instead of using your imperfect doodles, you will be able to convert it into a cleaner, neater, and also a perfect piece of drawing.

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You can doodle on AutoDraw from the comfort of your own desktop, tablet or even your smartphone. It’s definitely a nifty web tool that you can use to show off to your mates! What do you think? 

Source: Google