Xiaomi seems ever ready for world domination with its sea of various products. For quite some time now, the company has launched more than just smartphones and related accessories. The past couple of years has seen Xiaomi introduce its own televisions, laptops, drones, even household appliances such as an air purifier, a smart lamp and a smart rice cooker. The Chinese manufacturer has previously launched a pair of smart running shoes which has Intel chips embedded in them, and now it has unveiled a protective sunscreen coat.

The protective sunscreen coat by Xiaomi is a newly launched product on Xiaomi’s Mi Home crowdfunding website. The name of the coat directly translates to “90 points Colorful sunscreen skin coat”, which is as advertised. The coat is made of breathable material which is sweat resistant. Xiaomi claims the sunscreen coat to block out UV rays as a means of protection. The coat also has reflective color accents to highlight your presence outdoors especially during the night. On top of that, the coat can be folded into a compact pouch size that can be easily carried around. The Xiaomi sunscreen coat is available in difference sizes for men and women.

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Bear in mind that unlike Xiaomi’s running shoes, this protective sunscreen coat isn’t smart by any means. With a price tag of 179 Yuan (RM114.96), you shouldn’t really expect it to be a smart product. Nevertheless, it is still one of Xiaomi’s many attempts in making a non-tech product. What do you think?

Source: Xiaomi