That’s right. You didn’t read wrong. OnePlus is rumored to skip the OnePlus 4 to the OnePlus 5 since the company launched the OnePlus 3T last year. The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T both mark the maturity of OnePlus as a company which always strived for flagship quality under the affordable price bracket. Last year’s flagships by the Chinese manufacturer were a great improvement over their predecessors and OnePlus looks to take things to the next level with its upcoming device.

PC Pop claims that OnePlus will up the ante by finally giving the OnePlus 5 the QHD resolution treatment. This means that we will be seeing a 2K display on the OnePlus 5 compared to the full HD displays since the OnePlus One. Display size will be retained and the phone is tipped to go with the flow of near bezel-less designs, hence we might be expecting the OnePlus 5 to feature a smaller form factor than its predecessors. This could also result in the fingerprint sensor moving to the rear panel of the phone, like what Samsung did with the Galaxy S8. However, the capacitive buttons will still be retained below the display.

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Other rumored specs include a Snapdragon 835 processor, which isn’t surprising, plus a possible 8GB of RAM which might turn out to be an overkill yet again. OnePlus is rumored to stay away from the dual camera bandwagon for now, with the OnePlus 5 tipped to feature a 23MP rear shooter. Also rumored is a 3,000mAh battery, which might not be sufficient given the upgrades from the current OnePlus 3/3T. 

Do bear in mind that we are still in the early stages of rumors relating to OnePlus’ next flagship device. Nevertheless, what do you think of its specs so far?

Source: PC Pop