One thing unique to AMD is that it is a company that manufactures computer and graphics processors, and with such advantage it would make sense that the company would want to offer a better computing experience, in this case, Wireless Virtual Reality. The company has just announced in a blog post that it has acquired intellectual property (IP) and key engineering talent from Nitero, a startup based in Austin that builds 60GHz wireless chips for VR and AR, which AMD states that the acquisition will provide the company a broader portfolio of IP capable of enabling VR headset and solution providers with key technology required to create more immersive computing experiences.

All this while VR headsets have been providing a great experience all thanks to the power of GPUs, the tangling wires can be rather annoying when enjoying VR apps, hence a wireless solution is definitely in need at this point of time, AMD’s decision of acquiring Nitero is a great opportunity of being able to implement the latter’s 60GHz wireless transmission technology into future VR headsets, the wireless technology is claimed to have multi-gigabit wireless transmission performance while having beamforming characteristics, which is able to reduce response time on VR headsets and create less nausea for the user.

“Our world class engineering team has been focused on solving the difficult problem of building wireless VR technologies that can be integrated into next-generation headsets,” said Nitero co-founder and CEO Pat Kelly who has joined AMD as corporate vice president, Wireless IP. “We are excited to play a role in furthering AMD’s long-term technology vision.” 

Would AMD eventually release a wireless VR headset of its own, or create a wireless VR technology that is exclusive to AMD Radeon cards? We definitely can’t wait to see what the company has planned in hand. What do you think?

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SOURCE: AMD, VIA: Engadget