We have reported back then that Samsung has plans to refurbish the Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller battery and different name, and it seems that the company is confirmed to do so, as reported by Android Central via SamsungVN forums, the refurbished Note flagship has been spotted in Vietnam and is known as the Galaxy Note 7R, which the R moniker is pretty self explanatory, the model number of the phone is known as the N935.

The Note 7R’s design has remain pretty much unchanged judging from the pictures, the battery is now a 3200mAh one, down from the exploding 3500mAh one, there’s no mention of what system-on-chip it uses but we assume that Samsung would just retain whatever it can from the Note 7s it recalled back then. Samsung’s decision to refurbish the Note 7 has been reportedly due to minimize and reduce environmental impact, and a repsonse to the Greenpeace protest back in Mobile World Congress, which the company has been criticized of not handling the disposal of the ill fated Note 7 well.

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We should expect Samsung to make an official announcement of this after the launch of the Galaxy S8, preorders are starting tomorrow and you can check it out here.

SOURCE: Android Central via SAMSUNGVN