Telegram has been known for its secret timed chats which can self destruct. The messaging app has been sneaking in a couple of features to its platform in order to keep its users from straying away, having boasted more than 100 million downloads since the app was launched. Last week saw the rollout of voice messaging to certain regions, and now Telegram is reportedly testing video messaging on the beta version of its app.

According to Italian site Planet Mobile, Telegram is currently testing a new video messaging feature in its app. This means that on top of sending voice messages and text messages, users will be able to send video messsages as well. Tapping on the microphone icon will allow you to switch to a video mode. Users will then have to hold the camera icon to begin recording video messages.

If you happen to be a Telegram user and you’re interested in this new feature, Planet Mobile has prepared a link to the APK file download, available at the source link below. Video messaging will definitely be a welcome addition to the app once it goes official. What do you think?

Source: Planet Mobile


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