Ride sharing company Uber has been testing self driving vehicles on US roads for quite some time now. The test run hit a bump however, with one of Uber’s self driving vehicles involved in an accident last Friday at Tempe, Arizona. The company suspended its self driving tests after one of its Volvo SUV self driving test vehicles flipped on one side as a result of the accident. An Uber spokesperson has stated that the self driving test has been resumed.

Uber has reportedly resumed its self driving tests in San Francisco last weekend, two days after the Volvo SUV accident. Uber has claimed that there were no passengers during the event of the accident apart from the human pilot in the autonomous vehicle. The company did clarify to the rest of the pilots regarding the accident, and is confident to get its self driving vehicles to hit the road once again.

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According to various local reports, the cause of the accident is said to be by a human driven car not yielding to the Uber, crashing into it instead. Do you still have faith in self driving vehicles? 

Source: Tech Crunch

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