As you may be aware, the Malaysia government will be announcing fuel prices weekly starting 29 March 2017, which would put us in the same situation like the US, where every different fuel station will sell fuel at a controled but different price. This new initiative has naturally led to the nation’s first ever app made for crowdsourcing fuel prices, it is simply called MyPetrol and now available as a free download on the Google Play Store, the app’s usability is pretty straightforward for now, you can filter stations with the type of fuel, update the fuel prices of the station you visit, hence providing convenience to those looking for petrol stations selling the lowest fuel.

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Developed by Doki Devs, MyPetrol is the second app from the developer and has gotten 165 user reviews at the time of writing, there’s still no iOS version of the app yet but we believe that other developers will take pace in releasing a similar app. In addition, the list of petrol station is still a work in progress and requires more inputs from users, hence if you want to make the app a great one, click here to download the app on to your phone.