Today, I hailed a Grab to my next event happening at Bangsar South, I then applied a coupon code that I got from a promo so that my ride was free, and the app worked well and found me a driver 1 minute away from the office, but after waiting at the office lobby for around 3-minutes, I received a notification to tell me that my booking was cancelled by the driver, and I was asked to book another ride again, hence I need to enter my destination and promo code once again, I got a new jovial driver who took me to my destination safely. However, I was disappointed.

Seriously, why the heck would a ride hailing app allow its driver to cancel a rider’s trip anytime it likes, and even if so due to unexpected incidents, the service could have automatically reassign the trip to other nearby drivers. This isn’t the first time that I have experienced this incident, there was another time where I waited the driver to pick me up for a god daen short 3 minutes, and I got a idiotic reason telling me that the driver’s car has broke down on its way. Really, Grab? Am I going to expect your driver to not pick me up if I happen to travel to a place that he doesn’t want to go? What difference does it make to our country’s bad taxi practices?

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Remove the cancellation feature for drivers, penalize such drivers, and finally, fix your app!