Location sharing has reached new heights recently. Less than a week ago, Google introduced a new location sharing feature, allowing users to share their location to others live for a desired duration of theirs. Now Facebook has added a similar feature to its Messenger app, which will definitely come in handy some time.

Introducing Live Location on Messenger, a feature which is currently rolling out to both iOS and Android devices. The new feature works just as advertised by Facebook. Tapping on the Location icon in Messenger will bring out a map, showing your current location. There will be a blue bar which states “Share Live Location”. Tapping on that will share your live location to your friend or your group chat for 60 minutes. 60 minutes is the default duration which cannot be changed, however you can stop sharing your location at any time. The new feature will also give you an ETA to your friend’s location if you’re driving. Users can also choose to share a static location instead of a live one for other purposes.

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Facebook claims that the nifty feature is currently on a global rollout, so do keep an eye on your Messenger app or update it to the latest version if you haven’t done so. What do you think of Live Location?

Source: Facebook


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