U Mobile changed the way we use mobile data with the Hero Postpaid plan and a number of ‘Onz’ product offerings, webe came along with a truly unlimited postpaid plan but with compromises, and more recently Digi announced its all new Postpaid Infinite plans with no limits in calls and data on its flagship plans. These events tell us one thing, the war of affordable postpaid plans with huge data quota is almost over, and its time that all telcos begin to offer unlimited data with a price that people will pay for.

Crazy? Yes. Possible? Why Not!

Technopinion: Telcos, its time for unlimited data 1

I attended a recent event hosted by YouTube and learned that Malaysia has one of the highest mobile penetration rate in the region, Malaysians also tend to stream videos mostly on their smartphones using mobile data, not to forget to mention that we use our phones a lot for social media. Hence, you do realize that many telcos have started giving separate data allocation for such applications, and that screws up net neutrality, which is why telcos should really start considering to offer just one single postpaid plan with unlimited data for all purpose.

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Profit? Network Performance? 

Technopinion: Telcos, its time for unlimited data 2

Its probably the least concern of a customer, because if telcos keep offering too many postpaid plans to choose from, its confusing and nobody knows how much data they will ever need, and rarely anyone cares about how much data they have used on Netflix and YouTube. In terms of profit and network performance, telcos could easily pull that off by using the charges that users are already paying every month. Seriously, I won’t mind paying RM150/month for Digi’s Postpaid Infinite plan if I no longer need to be so mindful about data usage.

What’s next?

While price is always a deciding factor on which telco I should go for, I won’t mind paying a premium for unlimited data if the telco offers great value added services, and most importantly the support I need whenever I have problems with the service,   now lets see what the rest of the telcos have in mind after Digi’s offering.

What do you think? Would you prefer an unlimited data plan that could possibly come with compromises, or stick to the current ones with limited data quota?

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