When it comes to gaming, or just using a PC regularly, the mouse actually plays a more important role that you might think. From the shape, to its build, software and features, it can make or break your game and experience. The good thing is that you don’t have to sell an arm and leg to afford a good mouse, although it all depends on its features. If you’re looking for something that can be customized to suit your habits, then take a look at the new Zeus P1 RGB gaming mouse by Gamdias.


Personally, i try to avoid mice with a rubbery surface. Although it does give more grip, the rubber usually tend to disintegrate with heavy use or with time. Fortunately, the Gamdias Zeus P1 comes with a sleek solid plastic surface instead, with the only rubbery part being the scroll wheel, and a patch of textured rubbery surface on both sides of the mouse for grip.

What I am quite happy about is the size of the mouse. It isn’t too small for guy’s hands, nor is it so bulky that only giant’s hands can hold it comfortably. I suppose you would say it is an average size that would probably fit regular sized hands, although a little on the “fuller” side.

Speaking of rubbery, the areas that are covered in rubber do pick up dust and fluff pretty easily. Cleaning can be a pain especially at the bottom slip-proof rubber pads as dust and lint tend to get stuck between the tiny little groove on the rubber pads. I had to use a blade to slowly pick the lint out after a few gaming sessions. To be fair, most mice have the same issue, however the groove on the Zeus P1 is also part of the rubber instead of being the joints between the plastic and the rubber.

You know how wires can be so fragile nowadays that it snaps easily? Well, that won’t happen with this mouse as its connecting cable is covered in braided nylon to ensure durability. It just needs some time to stop being stiff and sticking up in the middle of your desk.

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The scrollable wheel is nestled between the left and right buttons, with two buttons below it that allows you to change your DPI on the fly, as well as another 3 programmable macro buttons.

Light Up Your Life

As soon as you pop the USB into your PC, the Zeus P1 comes to life. By default, every spectrum of colour will pulse around the mouse, as well as its logo located right in the centre of its body. You don’t have to settle for rainbow though; by using Gamdias HERA software, you can customize your glow to your favourite colour or even none at all. In fact, you can decide to change the colours every other day since there are millions of combinations you can come up with.


Installing the software isn’t hard; you can just get it off Gamdias official website. Thankfully, customisation is straightforward without any unneccessary beating-around-the-bush fluff. It also isn’t a heavy software, and if you have more than one Gamdias peripheral, then you can access all your settings in one place. If you can’t be bothered to customize, the mouse also works well straight out of the box using just its default settings.

If you are the type who will make full use of shortcuts and macro keys, don’t let the simple layout of the Zeus P1 fool you. It may seem that it only has a few buttons, but in fact, you can actually customize all 8 buttons with each fully programmable using this same software. 2 of the buttons are placed on the left side of the mouse, just above the rubber grip; 3 are at the wheel area, with the wheel being 1 button itself so that makes it 4 buttons there, and 2 more are your left and right click buttons.



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