For a while now, Instagram is no longer the Instagram we know from a couple of years back. The app welcomed many newly added features to enhance the experience, and now Instagram is adding yet another feature which is just a minor one but might actually come in handy for some users. You can finally save your broadcasted live videos on Instagram after your live stream.

The growing trend of live videos on different platforms of social media has been unstoppable since it began. Previously, Instagram users weren’t able to save their live videos on the app, hence this new ability will definitely prove helpful to frequent broadcasters who intend to take a trip down memory lane ten years from now. It’s still a mystery as to why Instagram did not enable this feature when it introduced live videos via its Snapchat rip-off “Instagram Stories”, but let’s be thankful anyway.

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A “Save” button will appear after your broadcast, whereby tapping on it will prompt you to save your video. Upon clicking on “Done”, the video will then be saved to your gallery on your smartphone. Do bear in mind that interactions such as likes and comments from your viewers will not be saved with the video. Have you tried streaming live from your Instagram app?

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