Smartwatches are probably the top of the list for people who experiment various operating systems on different sized screens. We’ve came across a couple of experiments with daredevils attempting to run older versions of Microsoft Windows on smartwatches. This guy’s attempt has a different twist, possibly a little more practical than the rest too. Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan, an iOS developer has successfully ran Game Boy Color games on the Apple Watch Series 2.

Gabriel made a Game Boy emulator from the core of the already existent Gambatte emulator and calls it Giovanni, which is apparently named after the Team Rocket leader in Pokemon of the same name. As seen on the image, Gabriel somehow managed to squeeze in some button space for the Game Boy emulator, considering how tiny the display of the Apple Watch was to begin with. The “A”, “B”, “Start”, “Select” buttons are placed at the bottom of the display. The left part of the screen has been mapped to use as a control pad. On top of that, the digital crown on the side can be used to simulate the “Up” and “Down” buttons as well.

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iOS developer runs Game Boy Color game on Apple Watch 1

Admittedly, Gabriel faced some complications when porting the emulator since the watch did not support the Metal and Open GL graphics API’s. After numerous trial and error processes, the iOS developer was proud to announce his success of being able to run Pokemon Yellow, a popular Game Boy Color title on a smart wearable. Would you like your smartwatch to run Game Boy Color as well? Catch Gabriel’s more detailed journey to success at the source link below!

Source: Gabriel

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