HTC has recently confirmed that it will be revealing what it claims as “an unexpected surprise” today. It turns out that the company’s “unexpected surprise” isn’t very much surprising to any extent, neither is it unexpected as well. The surprise happens to be a limited edition HTC U Ultra with a sapphire display on the front. Anything else? Extra storage. That’s basically about it.

The HTC U Ultra, despite it not being a bad device, has gotten a fair amount of criticism from fans and professionals alike. Popular tech YouTuber MKBHD linked most of the U Ultra’s features to the phone’s waste of space, sporting a larger footprint compared to other devices of the same hardware. This new surprise might end up ticking fans off after the recent hype.

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On top of being underwhelming at best, let’s not forget the pricing of the sapphire display HTC U Ultra – NT$ 28,900 (RM4,189.21). That’s a huge fortune for a smartphone, despite the fact that it has double the storage at 128GB and a Gorilla Glass display replaced by a hardy Sapphire one. Looks like there isn’t much difference to be excited about. The limited edition HTC U Ultra will most likely be a Taiwan exclusive. What do you think?

Source: HTC


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