Within the next few weeks, Netflix will be making some changes to its rating system. More specifically, the current 5-star rating system will be removed as Netflix is replacing it with a thumbs up and thumbs down system instead.

Netflix is replacing the star rating system for a thumbs up and thumbs down system 1

According to a report by Variety, Netflix has been testing this thumbs up and thumbs down system with “hundreds of thousands of members” last year. During the testing period, Netflix saw 200% more ratings being given by viewers. While Netflix will be dropping the star rating system in the near future, the metadata that was generated by the star rating will still be used to personalize the profiles of Netflix users.

On top of the new thumbs up and thumbs down rating system, Netflix will also be introducing a new percent-match feature. Utilising the metadata generated by the ratings system, Netflix will now show you how good of a match a given content would be for the individual. Netflix users will see a percentage rating on shows that are highly compatible with their viewing tastes. Meanwhile, shows that are not as compatible (less than 50% compatibility) will not have a percentage rating assigned to them. 

Source: Variety

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