There’s a new way of paying in town, courtesy of Visa. We can soon forget about tapping our phones to pay for our meals and shopping, as Visa wants us to pay with our sunnies instead. You heard that right, you will soon be able to pay with sunglasses instead.

Financial services company Visa has showcased revolutionary payment enabled sunglasses simultaneously at South by SouthWest (SXSW) at Austin, Texas, the Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro surf competitions held at Gold Coast, Australia. It is a prototype, which means that we might have to wait some time more till it actually becomes a reality. Visa’s chief brand and innovation marketing officer Chris Curtin has claimed that the prototype ties back to the company’s tagline of everywhere you want to be.

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The payment enabled sunglasses is said to be nearly identical to an ordinary pair of sunglasses, with a chip on its side. It works just like how you would tap your phone or a mobile wallet enabled smartwatch to an NFC payment terminal. Visa’s perspective is enabling payment on stuff we would never expect such as sunglasses, or another example, a ring. THe company is currently testing the demand of the device among banks and potential sponsors. 

Source: NBC