Orisa, the newest hero in Blizzard’s Overwatch, will be making its public debut next week as Blizzard has officially confirmed that the hero will be made available on the 21st of March.

Being part of the Tank class, Orisa’s is a robot whose abilities center around supporting the team. It’s main weapon is the Fusion Driver, a minigun-like weapon that slows her movement when used. The first of Orisa’s abilities is Fortify, a self-cast shield that reduces damage taken and negates all action-imparing effects such as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

The second ability that Orisa has is halt, which functions like a miniature version of Zarya’s Graviton Surge ultimate. With Halt, Orisa fires a small projectile that would suck all nearby enemies into a single spot while slowing them. The third ability is Protective Barrier, which is almost identical to the Barrier Field that Reinhardt has. Unlike Reinhardt’s shield though, Orisa Protective Barrier is deployed from a projectile, meaning that she doesn’t need to keep it active for it to work.

Rounding up Orisa is its ultimate, the Supercharger. Once activated, Orisa will place a drum on the ground that would supercharge allies that are within the Orisa’s line of sight. Supercharged allies will receive increase damage, making them much more dangerous to engaged. However, the Supercharger is vulnerable to attacks, so it is imperative that the Orisa player places the Supercharger at a well defending or out of sight location.