The Oppo R9s is a great smartphone and Oppo has certainly spent big bucks on marketing campaigns, however it would seem that things aren’t so rosy in the company now, as posted by Facebook user Darren Yim, the cardboard figurine of the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho has been dumped at a refuse area and it certainly doesn’t look like a prank. While most of the time we do see marketing materials like this to be dumped if the products are off the shelves, the Oppo R9s is still on sale and it would make sense for Oppo to collect them back if a dealer happens to not sell their smartphones.

Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Malaysian actress Min Chen serve as the ambassador of the Oppo R9s here, a quick check on the Oppo Malaysia YouTube channel also reveals that the video of both actors promoting the phone has also been removed, which makes sense if the Korean superstar terminated his contract with Oppo. Oppo Malaysia hasn’t released an official statement about this, and sales of the Oppo R9s has exceeded the company’s expectations in the country. Will the removal of Lee Min Ho affect the future sales of its devices? What is the reason that Oppa decided to stop promoting the R9s? Below is a fan uploaded video of the Oppo R9s featuring both Lee Min Ho and Min Chen, save it if you love it because it might be gone forever.

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