Ever wanted to play Uncharted 4 on your PC instead of the PlayStation 4? Well, if you have a subscription to PlayStation Now, you’ll soon be able to do so as Sony has announced that the service will be receiving some PlayStation 4 titles very soon.

In an announcement posted on the PlayStation Blog, Senior Marketing Manager for PlayStation Now Brian Dunn has confirmed that games that originate on the PlayStation 4 will be added to the PlayStation Now catalog soon. These PS4 games will be abailable under a single PS Now subscription, meaning those who are already subscribed to the service will be able to play these games on their PC if they choose to do so.

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Little information is given as to which titles will be made available for PlayStation Now, although the post did mention that more information will be available as the launch date approaches. In the meantime, Sony will be holding a private test session for the PS4 games on PS Now, so those with active PS Now subscriptions may want to check their inboxes just in case they’ve received an invite to said test.

Source: PlayStation Blog