You probably haven’t heard of Viber for some time now. Viber used to be the go to app for making data calls around five years ago. The app is still being widely used at certain regions around the world, boasting an 800 million strong user base. Viber has added a new secret chat feature to its app, further enhancing the privacy of the app’s user experience. 

This new secret chat feature comes after Viber implemented end-to-end encryption last year and secret messages back in January this year, which allowed users to put self destructing timers on individual messages. Secret chat extends the self destructing timer to a whole conversation. This means users can now set a time before an initiated secretive conversation vanishes.

Viber places an extra emphasis on security in this new feature, in which messages are blocked from being forwarded to other conversations. Not only that, as far as screenshots go, iOS users will be notified when a screenshot is being captured while Android users are blocked entirely from performing screenshots. Now that’s a really handy feature. Secret chats can also be protected with a PIN code. 

As technology advances, people are placing more importance on privacy and security. It is no doubt that Viber has pushed all the right buttons with this new feature. Hopefully the app will see an increase in active users after this update.

Source: The Verge


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