Customising your Android device can be a rather time consuming affair thanks to the wide range of skins, themes and what-have-yous that Android has. In order to simplify the whole personalisation process, Google has launched the Android Taste Test website to help you choose the ideal look for your Android device.

Android Taste Test is functionally similar to some of the personality quizzes that you can find online. However, instead of revealing your personality through the answers you inputed into the quiz, Android Taste Test would cough up links to various themes, wallpapers and widgets that would fit your taste instead. This website will ask you for your preference on number of topics, and once you’re done with it, suggest a combination of downloads that suits the answers you submitted.

Google launches the Android Taste Test to help you customise your Android experience 2

The suggestions that Google gives once you’re done with the Android Taste Test will come with links so you can download and install them on your device on the spot. The best part about it is that the quiz is also geared towards those that are new to the Android platform, allowing them to get their own customised Android experience without needing any background Android knowledge on their part.

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