For a company which started off as a software maker and smartphone manufacturer, we have to give props to Xiaomi who has launched countless non-phone products under its belt. From TV’s, laptops, rice cookers, air purifiers and even a weighing scale, it is safe to say that Xiaomi’s efforts to make every household appliance smart haven’t gone to waste. This time round, Xiaomi has ventured into the sports industry, this time launching a pair of smart running shoes.

Going under its Mijia subsidiary, Xiaomi calls it the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes. What’s special is that the shoes come with embedded Intel chips, which are as tiny as the size of a button. Don’t underestimate its size, as the Intel chip is capable of detecting movement while you’re on the go with the running shoes, thereby storing fitness data such as distance, speed and calorie count. On top of that, the chip can determine whether or not the user is walking, running or climbing. Its battery life is said to be up to 60 days without having to charge it, which is impressive.

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As for the running shoes, they were made by Shanghai Runmi Technology, claimed to be designed for professional athletes. It comprises of a foam material for a cushioning effect, along with other common features in footwear such as arch support, anti-skid technology, air cushion and removable anti-bacteria insoles. Available in black and blue for males and black and pink for females, the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes also come in a special edition blue with luminous accents. 

Xiaomi’s smart running shoes is currently being funded on the Mi Home app. The 299 CNY price tag is probably as cheap as a pair of smart footwear can get. What do you think?

Source: Mi Home