The latest update for the beta version of WhatsApp is currently on the roll out to beta users, and WhatsApp has switched up its in app interface ever so slightly, making it hard to notice unless you happen have it as your primary texting app. The new update sees a couple of changes in terms of button placements which might add to the convenience of using the app.

If you’re one who frequently sends images through WhatsApp, you’ll immediately note the change of attachment button placement, which has shifted from the top to the text box below. This can turn out to be a huge difference especially for phablet users, who do not need to stretch their fingers/thumb across the screen to tap on the attachment button. This means that you can now attach media, contacts, location and documents right in the text box below.

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The other change is minor at best, but no doubt makes a difference as well. Instead of having a call icon, which then brings you to select the Voice Call or Video Call option, there is a new icon for video calls, eliminating one step to initiate a call. The new video call icon takes up the space left over by the attachment icon which now has a new place to call home. 

Bear in mind that you have to be on WhatsApp beta to enjoy these new subtle changes. You can opt to register to be a beta tester for WhatsApp here.

Source: Android Police