We all know Tinder, the popular matchmaking app responsible for setting users up on dates if they swipe right on each other. TechCrunch has reported that there is an exclusive version of the Tinder app, but only exclusive to selected people, which is probably where its name derived from – “Tinder Select”.

A source has stated to TechCrunch that Tinder Select is only for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder. It is said that it is catered to only the elite, which includes CEO’s, supermodels and ” hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types”, though we’re not sure who sets the standards of attractiveness. In order to be on Tinder Select, you have to be invited by Tinder. Alternatively, some Tinder Select users are given the ability to nominate others to the exclusive app. The nominated ones however, aren’t allowed to further nominate someone else. In this case, the members-only layer of the app is kept under good control.

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Tinder Select features a different logo/icon as well than the ordinary Tinder app. The former has a letter “S”  with a blue gradient background instead of the Tinder flame. The app is said to be already operating for more than 6 months now, which tells us that Tinder isn’t probably going to publicize this exclusive version of its app anytime soon. Sounds like an secret cult organization so far. Do you know of anyone who is a user of Tinder Select? 

Source: TechCrunch