SNS Network has had a busy morning today as the company has officially brought in the JOI 11 2-in-1 productivity tablet into the Malaysian market.

Featuring a sleek metal design, the JOI 11 is a tablet that weights 700g and measures just 8.8mm thick. The tablet sports a 10.8″ Full HD IPS display that has a screen aspect ratio of 3:2.

Specifications-wise, the JOI 11 sports a quad-core Intel Atom x5 processor and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The tablet comes with 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 128GB through the use of a microSD card. For ports, the JOI 11 comes with a USB Type-C port that allows for faster data transfer and charging speeds, as well as a built-in HDMI port for those who rely on extrenal displays. As for battery life, the JOI 11 packs a 8,400mAh battery, giving the tablet up to eight hours of battery life. The JOI 11 runs on Windows 10 Home right out of the box

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As is the case with many tablets, the JOI 11 also comes with its own set of peripherals. As expected of a modern day tablet, the JOI 11 comes with a detachable keyboard that is available in two variants: metal or leather. Finally, the JOI 11 also has a stylus that is referred to as the Active Pen.

For those interested in the JOI 11, the tablet itself will retail for RM899. On the peripherals side of things, the Hard (Metal) Keyboard will retail for RM249, the Leather Keyboard will go for RM199, and the Active Pen is priced at RM99.