Considering how successful YouTube is in the whole digital media streaming service gig, it was only a matter of time until YouTube spins off a TV service of its on. Lo and behold, such a thing happened today as YouTube announced a new service called YouTube TV.

Available only in the U.S. when it launches, YouTube TV is a USD35 per month subscription service that gives subscibers access to around 46 channels at launch, ranging from the standard American television channels such as FOX, NBC and the likes, to sports-specific channels such as ESPN. Subscribing to YouTube TV will also give you access to YouTube Red and all of the YouTube Red Original shows.

Subscribers will also be given a “Cloud DVR” that lets them record live TV which can then be viewed at any time. The best part of this “Cloud DVR” is that it is capable of recording multiple shows simultaneously without consuming data or space on your phone, and it also comes with unlimited storage, allowing the subscriber to record as many shows as they want.

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YouTube launches YouTube TV service in the United States 1

Assuming that you’re currently living in the states and you would like to try out YouTube TV, the USD35 per month subscription will net you six accounts that comes with their own “Cloud DVR”. When you break it down, this means that a subscription to YouTube TV costs USD5.83 per account per month. One limitation that the service does have is the fact that only three concurrent streams can be had at any time. As for supported platforms, YouTube TV will be available on the computer as well as Android and iOS devices. YouTube TV content can also be streamed to your television via Chromecast.

YouTube TV is slated to be launched in the U.S. within the coming weeks. As for international availability, YouTube hasn’t mentioned anything about it yet, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up over this particular service.

Source: YouTube, Google


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